Version Alpha 1.0.0

Download: [1]


  • Added: Base Game
  • Added town: Insert Town
  • Added route: Route 100
  • Added route: Route 101
  • Added cave: Mavolean Cave
  • Added 1 Secret Ball
  • Added place: Teneroka
  • Added gym: Rock Type
  • Added place: Etlapainore
  • Added type: Acryenic Type

Version Alpha 1.1.0

Version not released. No download link available.


  • Will add: Time Periods
  • Will add time period: 1986
  • Will begin working on: Dark Mode
  • Will add some more: Acryenic Moves
  • Will add time period: 2046
  • Will add some more: Towns & Routes
  • Will fix some bugs.

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